Optimize E-Learning Software Apps for Usage Simplicity


E-learning has arisen as a convenient vertical for the worldwide population to gain knowledge primarily with the strength of technical resources. As an e-learning testing provider, you must prioritize the responsiveness and speed of your online apps and websites.

ImpactQA is well-known as an e-learning testing company due to its skilled approach to validate a wide range of learning management systems (LMSs) and content management systems (CMSs). A well-planned testing strategy is followed by the team of competent testers, who work toward domain-specific test automation frameworks. ImpactQA demonstrates its expertise by providing e-learning testing solutions on the basis of AICC/SCORM compliant content.

Benefits of E-Learning App Testing Service 

Reduced Regression Testing Time by 60%

Reduced Regression Testing Time by 60%

Cut down regression testing cycle time by almost 60% to support quick software releases

Zero Defect Leakage

Zero Defect

Deployment of unit testing automation for nullifying the count of defects found during the SDLC

Multi-Platform Testing


Conduct testing across various devices, operating systems, and browsers to maintain smooth functionality for end-users

Follow the Sun Model

Follow the
Sun Model

Practice the “follow the sun” model to cater to global workflow across different time zones

Optimized Customer Services

Optimized Customer

Lesser transaction time followed by reduced freezes and failures to provide better customer engagement

E-Learning Application Testing Services

Content Validation

Content Validation

Ensure the information delivered through the e-commerce portal meets the educational industry's rigorous requirements of applicability

Platform Testing

Platform Testing

Ensure the e-learning products are accessible in seamless manner, regardless of the mobile device, OS, or browser used

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Maintain the e-learning app to be accessible on all types of mobile devices, operating systems, and browser types

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Validate all components of e-learning portal which includes different tabs, buttons along with their responsiveness

Localization Testing

Localization Testing

Since e-learning is not constrained by geography, localization testing is carried out to provide a consistent learning experience regardless of the student's or tutor's location

Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing

Compliance with SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and other following requirements is tested as part of eLearning QA testing

Know How We Helped a Leading e-Learning Company in Reducing Turn-around Cycle by 70%

Service Differentiators for E-Learning Application Testing

Service Differentiators for E-Learning Application Testing

Skilled expertise in working with both open source and commercial LMSs (Learning Management Systems)

Good bench strength comprising of qualified testers with multiple tool expertise

On-shore and off-shore e-learning app testing solutions

A broad selection of authorized and open-source tools leading to reduced QA costs

Deliver on-time testing solutions for any inconsistencies in e-learning software

Customized methodologies including test automation frameworks

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