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The use of mobile apps continues to boost globally. It is no surprise that millennial are leading the way. Consumers spending hit USD 930 Billion, using mobile payment applications (Upwork). 57-60% of users said a business with a poorly designed mobile website is not likely to be recommended. Ensuring your app works properly is essential. We should put the same care that you are giving into building your business and your product concept into quality control and testing for your mobile apps, and such testing isn’t something that can be done in-house. By using ImpactQA’s professional mobile app testing solution, you can identify problems before your potential clients get frustrated with them, and plan ways to fix them before they roll the app.

ImpactQA’s Mobile Testing services offer comprehensive testing strategies that attend to device and network infrastructure. We offer an effective combination of manual and automated tools to cover functional and non-functional software issues. Selecting the right mobile test automation strategy is crucial for creating optimal mobile applications. At ImpactQA, we make sure you have the best options and choose the correct tools and processes suited for testing your mobile websites and native mobile apps. ImpactQA has wide experience in mobile testing for varied domains such as Insurance, Banking, Retail, Healthcare, E-learning, Media, BFSI, E-commerce, and Real Estate leveraging leading industry best practices and tools.

Mobile App Services - ImpactQA

Mobile Application Testing Solutions

Mobile App Testing Solutions - ImpactQA

We have the expertise to offer end to end mobile application testing solutions for all platforms, such as iPhone, Android, etc. Our core services cover the newest versions of devices in the market. Our testing team counts in-house experts with specialization in iOS, multi-browser applications, Java ME, SIM Tool Kit, and varied technologies commonly used on mobile devices. This allows us to fast create and carry out multiple mobile app testing solutions on varied handsets.

We use our mobile application testing tools to sync with the latest technology and client needs for cost-effective manual and automated testing solutions. Right from app store testing to Android app testing, we have executed several projects to bring complete user satisfaction. Our testing services comprise the study of different hardware and software potential on different versions and deliver solutions accordingly.

Our expert QA Team follows a proactive approach, uncovering flaws even before the users encounter or face them. We deliver our solutions that are scalable, quick, and maintain a laser-like focus on quality. We stand for uniqueness, transparency, and efficiency and completely manage comprehensive mobile app testing. Our dedicated team can help in developing a mobile test strategy, keep the process in check and deliver structured results.

Tools we Use

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Industry-leading Application Testing Services

We are exceptionally passionate about app testing and improving QA, and have a strong team to perform testing that your app may require–including manual, usability, performance, automation testing, and more. Our expert team has in-depth experience in the realm of app testing for clients across the globe, spanning different business sizes and industries. We work constantly to make it convenient for our universal clients.

Mobile Functional Testing

The team will ensure that your application, including the back-end functionality, works perfectly to meet the user’s requirements to the fullest. Reduce product issues and ensure the functionality of your application.

Mobile App Test Automation

Our mobile testing team will assure efficiency and high quality of your mobile application and ensure its timely release. We apply a data-driven and keyword-driven approach to test automation for regression, functional, and performance testing. We also provide automation for back-end testing.

Mobile App Usability Testing

Verify the effectiveness of your application, including its operability on different carriers and browsers for both smartphones and tablets. The testing team will guarantee that your application has a user-friendly UI, surrounding key functions of the app and appealing UX, providing for positive user experience.

Mobile App Compatibility Testing

To satisfy users, mobile apps should work flawlessly on target devices and in the respective OS's and mobile browsers. Our specialist will ensure your content, application, or mobile website works exactly as mentioned in requirements. The team will also ensure your mobile app gives an impeccable UX in all the cases.

Mobile App Performance Testing

Identify bottlenecks and peak load limits in both the local servers and devices. Our specialist team will uncover stress, scalability, load, or reliability bugs. For big applications catering to several users (mobile e-stores, banking apps, messaging games, multi-player games, etc.), our team also runs back-end performance testing.

Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile apps are vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks, which leads to losses for enterprises and users. Our security testing specialist penetrates and discovers your mobile app’s vulnerabilities before someone else does. With ethical hacking, our team will identify security loopholes and provide relevant proposals on patching them.

Mobile App Testing Process

Analyzing your requirements

Our specialist testing team will study your specific requirements and discover loopholes (if any).

Planning the process

Our team works closely with the rest of the project team, strategize testing activities concerning your project milestones and defines conditions consent to start, postpone, resume or stop the mobile app testing process.

Analyzing test results

Our team covers testing results providing ad hoc information and testing reports right through the cycle.

Designing test cases

The expert team draft test cases and test suites.


Performs testing and reports the bugs to the Project Manager.

Why Choose our Mobile App Testing Services?

Benefits of mobile app testing services - ImpactQA
End to end iPad, iPhone, and Android application testing
Cost-effective and faster mobile application testing for all functionalities, devices, and OS platforms
Automated reporting dashboards with advanced analytics
On-time and on-budget mobile application testing solutions
Real environment and real device and testing services
Best talent pool with great domain knowledge
Secure and scalable mobile device lab across diverse platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android
Dedicated test environments and expertise to design and develop mobile app testing tools with multi-touch and for various configurations
Comprehensive security testing for threats, alerts, gestures, hidden bugs, and compatibility

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