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Software Development Lifecycle Testing

Full Life Cycle Testing (FLCT) is vital for organizations committed to excellence and are driven to implement solutions within timelines and budgets. Throughout FLCT, constant, early and frequent testing processes help result getting products in reduced time-to-launch. The lack of adequate testing throughout a project can result in defect-ridden code, often discovered too late in the development lifecycle to actively manage, mitigate, and debug.

ImpactQA’s Full Life Cycle Testing solutions identify code defects and implement crucial test implementations that minimally interrupt SDLC. Our team uses a comprehensive testing approach to ensure requirements are explicitly defined and logically consistent with your business needs. Patented strategies help to guarantee that design, code, and functionality meets the established requirements set by you and your team. Our SQA team manage QA and Testing responsibilities in addition to providing resource forecasting and team construction, allowing you to stay focused on your core business objectives.

Full Life Cycle Testing supports end-to-end testing of the applications right from the requirement-gathering stage, continuing through design, development, deployment and maintenance.  Each phase has a defined strategy that is implemented: test planning, test design, test automation , and test execution.

QA Strategy Development and Planning

Beta Testing, UAT – User Acceptance Testing

Non-Functional Testing (Load, Stress, Security, Accessibility)

System and System Integration Testing

Requirements Testing (Test Case and Test Data Creation)

Smoke Testing and Regression Testing


Our Approach
  • QA Strategy Development and Planning
  • Requirements Testing
  • The Test Case and Test Data Creation
  • Smoke Testing
  • System and System Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing (Load, Stress, Security, Accessibility)
  • Beta Testing, UAT – User Acceptance Testing


Why Choose ImpactQA

At ImpactQA, Life Cycle Testing isn’t a one off – we know your business IT depends on it. As such we ensure that the plans we enact holistically address your enterprise’s software needs.

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