Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering Services

Accelerate your digital transformation journey using omni-channel digital assurance and testing services

Digital Transformation and Digital & Assurance Testing Solutions

The current transition to digital transformation has prompted many businesses to redesign their business frameworks and strategies, including a whole overhaul of their traditional QA procedures and infrastructures.

ImpactQA’s digital assurance and quality engineering services address the challenges that businesses encounter as they embark on their digital transformation path while providing agile and customer-centric solutions. Provision for adaptable and cost-effective solutions help tackle complex difficulties of testing across numerous digital platforms that are part of the client’s digital value chain.

30% Reduced Testing Efforts

30% Reduced
Testing Efforts

With fully automated testing frameworks, testing tools and 1000+ pre scripted testing codes ImpactQA assures faster delivery with reduced testing efforts

Certified Testing Experts

Certified Testing

Experienced team of 200+ professionals certified in ISTQB, ISEB, CSQA and CSTE with over 12+ years of digital testing experience

80% Increase in Test Coverage

80% Increase in
Test Coverage

With improved automated testing, clients are assured with stable and secure testing services that offer zero data leaks and 100% accuracy in data validation

Improved Performance and Quick release

Improved Performance and Quick release

Complete automated regression across digital platforms gives 40% quicker releases through better streamlined processes

Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model

On-shore, off-shore and remote service approach to cater to global clients from multiple industries

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Critical Capabilities for Quality Assurance Services Worldwide

“We utilize ImpactQA services for our mobile application testing needs in order to help us improve app quality and scale the business. We lacked in-house expertise in mobile testing domain for Android and iOS and needed quick solutions for automating our app testing suite. Team is well equipped with the latest QA technologies and their engineers helped us in devising a test strategy. Their support was amazing during the implementation.”

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Digital Assurance Consulting Services

Test Automation <br>Services

Test Automation

Enhanced customer experienced with complete automation of vital testing procedures well integrated in software development lifecycle process.

Test Advisory & <br>Consulting Services

Test Advisory &
Consulting Services

End-to-end QA evaluation and assessment of procedures with detailed market reports on possible UI/UX and functionality bugs

Automated Database <br>Testing

Automated Database

Automated data testing solutions that ensure accuracy of database collected throughout the development process

Cloud Quality Assurance<br> Testing Services

Cloud Quality Assurance
Testing Services

Comprehensive quality assurance for application build or migrated to cloud software

BOT & AI Quality <br>Assurance Testing

BOT & AI Quality
Assurance Testing

Comprehensive chatbot/voice bot and AI enables systems testing solutions with automated frameworks

 Performance <br>Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Customer focused performance testing solutions with the latest test automation and crowd testing methodologies

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Automated predictive test reports with detailed software usage behavioural patterns and trends to predict future outcome of the product with Customer sentiment analysis and A/B testing

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Testing

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Testing

End-to-end digital content, media and database testing along with apt Digital Rights Management

Digital Quality Assurance Capabilities

Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing

Fully integrated software delivery practices for seamless collaboration across software delivery pipeline to get actionable feedback and maximize business risk coverage

Omni-Channel Assurance

Deliver state of art digital transformation services by assuring seamless, familiar and frictionless user experience across channels, platforms, devices and testing environments

Omni-Channel Assurance

Digital Testing and Assurance

Strategically prioritized digital and data centric testing measures that assures business agility & responsiveness to validate your end-to-end workflows, integrations and data across various digital platforms

Digital Testing and Assurance

How ImpactQA Contributes to Your Digital Quality Assurance?

Complete End User Satisfaction

Reduce response time, improve access, consistency and end user satisfaction by quality assured digital transformation and end -to-end automated testing services

Delivery Pipeline Automation

With application-level and pipeline automation, quality assurance and testing expedite digital transformation. Testing automation must surely touch the whole production pipeline in order to be effective in managing multi-channel digital transformation projects

Increased Quality Awareness

Receive a holistic view of all quality metrics with our efficient quality assurance programs and perform end-to-end manual and automated testing across platforms

Faster Go-to-Market

Experts-led QA and automation testing services that ensure agile testing processes that help improve efficiencies and predict faster go-to market results

Complex Technology Landscape

In depth analytics driven approach along with integrated business processes assurance reduces operational risks by up to 90% by using latest IoT, Blockchain, AI and extended reality-based technologies

Seamless Interactions

Validate parameters like usability, accessibility, security, performance and social engagement across departments to enhance customer experience and end user satisfaction

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Case Study

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