Mobile App Testing Services

Comprehensive mobile testing solutions ensuring 90% reduced regression testing time and better fix rate for eliminating user-critical bugs in mobile apps

Next-Gen Mobile App Testing Company Offering Quick Fixes in Half the Time

ImpactQA is dedicated towards quality mobile application testing services carried out using 100% physical device coverage. We provide functional and non-functional testing for all types of web, native, and hybrid mobile applications. The presence of an optimized mobile test automation approach proves effective in quick software delivery for global clients including SMEs and Fortune 500 companies.

30% Reduced QA Cost

30% Reduced QA

Reduced test cycles and release time supporting quick software delivery at lesser cost

Onshore & Offshore Testing Network

Onshore & Offshore Testing Network

Team of global mobile app testers responsible for cost effective testing services and on-time project delivery

In-House Testing Lab with Hundreds of Real Devices

In-House Testing Lab with Hundreds of Real Devices

Fully-loaded test lab with both physical and unlimited cloud-based devices offering a mix of emulator- and simulator-based testing

24x7 Resource Availability

24x7 Resource Availability

Ensure all time availability of software testers spread across multiple projects without any geographical constraint

Tool Proficiency


Strengthened collaborations with both open-source & commercial mobile app testing tool providers for better testing quality

Mobile App Testing Methodology

We are committed to providing mobile testing services that are a great blend of mobile engineering and enterprise-level mobile testing methodologies.

Mobile app testing is executed using Agile & DevOps-based methodology, which permits speedy test case design and deployment. Automation testing, usability testing, and regression testing are all part of the entire mobile testing process.

With over a decade of expertise in the mobile testing arena, we have successfully ensured customers that their mobile apps will fulfil business-critical obstacles. ImpactQA has maintained a broad collaborative network including numerous stakeholders in order to gain a deeper understanding of user-based data in terms of OEMs, operating systems, and locations in order to simplify usage composition and improve user coverage.

Mobile Test Automation Framework

ImpactQA has acquired global recognition as a superior mobile application testing company with its Industry-specific mobile OS expertise. Our mobile test automation framework readily integrates different CI tools for managing end-to-end testing.

The primary features & benefits of our current mobile application testing framework are mentioned below.

Pre-built support

Pre-built support to allow the functionalities of continuous integration platforms

Deployment of tool

Deployment of tool agnostic automation framework

Application tuning

Application tuning at peak loads to verify reliability factor

Test native

Test native & hybrid mobile apps using Appium mobile testing framework

User Acceptance Testing

Conduct User Acceptance Testing(UAT) to analyze product requirements

Perform parallel tests

Perform parallel tests o multiple devices, OS and cross-browsers

Availability of custom reporting

Availability of custom reporting with business-centric error reporting

End-to-End Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile App Functional Testing

Mobile App Functional Testing

Verification of mobile app features and functionalities as per the design arrangement to exhibit better product quality.

Mobile App Performance Testing

Mobile App Performance Testing

Create and run load tests for determining responsiveness, scalability, readiness and operating capacity of the mobile application.

Mobile App Automation Testing

Mobile App Automation Testing

Implementation of automated approach to reduce testing time and further ensure faster time-to-market.

Mobile App API <br>Testing

Mobile App API

Active assessment of application programming interfaces (APIs) merged with integration testing to see how the mobile app fulfills expectations.

Mobile App Usability Testing

Mobile App Usability Testing

Team of testing experts ensure user-friendly UI surrounding key app functions for a smooth user experience.

Mobile App Compatibility Testing

Mobile App Compatibility Testing

Conduct fragmentation testing covering different platforms, screen resolutions, form factors, etc.

Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile App Security Testing

Authenticate storage issues data integrity and server side security, together with active identification of security loopholes.

Mobile App Network Testing

Mobile App Network Testing

Carrying out tests in a simulated manner to see how the app would respond in different network environments such as 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

Expertise in Mobile App Testing

iOS & Android Application Testing Services

App testing company with high-end expertise in Android & iOS test automation to determine steady app functionality. Each of your mobile apps would be tested over real Android & iOS devices together with development servers for better scalability

iOS & Android Application Testing

Web Application Testing Services

Web Application Testing Services

Examining the mobile web apps on a variety of devices, browsers, operating systems, and network settings. This includes testing UI/UX elements and other functionality in order to ensure that the software is of higher quality

Wearables Application Testing

For modern-age wearable devices we offer testing expertise for distinguishing features, secure operations, reliability and flawless coexistence with different computing technologies. Our experts conduct testing to determine various aspects including wearable design, security, performance, accessibility, and security

Wearables Application Testing

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Mobile App Testing Service Differentiators

Multi-Industry Domain Expertise

High-end proficiency in multiple industry domains with swift identification of industry-specific downsides and bottlenecks related to the mobile app

Customized Test Cases

The mobile app testing team structures custom test cases and test suites based on the project requirement

Testing of Multi-Functional Mobile Apps

Continuous testing for multi-functional mobile apps to ensure the product doesn’t crash after any fix or upgrade

30+ ISTQB Certified Mobile Testers

Team of certified mobile app testers having comprehensive insight and practical expertise in various mobile app testing tools and techniques

Mobile App Testing on Cloud

Use of cloud-based mobile environments to examine various software related aspects and improve overall ROI

Additional Test Coverage using Smart Devices

Extensive nature of mobile app testing scope that covers not only smart phones but also tablets, e-readers, PDAs, and notebooks

Managed Crowd Testing

The technique involves testing the mobile application under different realistic platforms and actual users to assess its performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness

Game Testing Capability

Specialized testing for mobile gaming apps to identify performance, gameplay and crash issues before the actual release date

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