The increasing investments by enterprises on digital innovations accounts for a major portion towards the IT budget calculated annually. Even now, the total IT spending on enterprise software is amounting for an annual growth of 8.8 percent, with market revenues doubling in the decade between 2009 to 2019.

We know how Agile and SAP for DevOps have become the core of successful digital transformation. The key trends that accelerate the adoption of these practices into an enterprise primarily involve faster delivery, robust business environments and Increased Business Capabilities with Cloud.

This has significantly increased users demand for enterprise test automation to reduce redundancy and increase process efficiencies.

In this whitepaper you would learn about:

  • Defining the right automation strategies
  • Defining the right time to test
  • Analysing test data to increase process efficiencies
  • Smart Impact and Risk Based Analysis techniques for efficient test releases
  • Enabling the right Agile and DevOps methodology for SAP
  • The best approach to scaling and accelerating SAP transformation

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